Train like a Fitness Model

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day one

So all three of my meals weren't juices like i planned to but this is a great start, I have 29 days left to the finish line, so i will try my best to replace all tree meals by juices by the end of this challenge.

This juice was 3 apples juiced then blended with frozen blueberries

I then snacked on craisins and raw almonds

then for lunch I had rice and okra soup.
Later on I had tea that i forgot to take a picture of.
And this was my weight this morning
Tomorrow is another day and i will try my best!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How Gemini lose weight?

I was suppose to start my 31 day challenge today but being a gemini I always get confuse and change my mind. Hopefully this will be the last time and I will start tomorrow. I thought long about it and decided to do a juice and vegetable feast diet for the next 30 days. It'll be hard I know but I want to do it to see if my eczema will get better. A friend told me any rashes on the body has to do with the immune system, I still haven't researched it but it sounds legit to me, so I hope the fruit and veggie cleanse will help me by strengthening my immune system and after that I will record any food that I eat that may irritate my skin. Here's a plan of my diet, I also schedule alarms in my phone to remind me of my eating time hehe

Friday, November 23, 2012

31 day challenge

To eat healthy meatless meals everyday. I will post my meals for the next 31 days , hopefully it will motivate me and help me in my journey. I will also join a weight loss challenge on YouTube, I think it's starting next week. I also deactivated my Facebook and will only go back if I reach the 140's.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tis' the season to flare up!

Winter is getting near and dry skin is not waiting a second to flare up. I have dry skin especially in the winter, I also suffer from eczema since I was 6 years old. Every winter my skin just begs me to rip it off, every summer I'm the girl in jeans and pants covering her legs from people to see her eczema scars. My legs are so pale due to lack of sun exposure. I have been reading about eczema these days due to the fact that the creams and medication that the doctor prescribes only calms the itchiness not the disease itself. I found out that they're certain food I should eliminate from my diet like egg, dairy. I already know that I'm allergic to sea food, just the a flavors sea food dish makes my skin go crazy. I must admit that my diet is not all that and I have been eating a lot of junk my whole life so I'm not too sure of what I may or may not be allergic to. I'm not 23 year old and really tires of this chronic skin disease and would love to have an Itch free winter and a summer where I can have the sun kiss my legs. I have decided to take my health in serious condition. From being overweight to eczema, I don't want another problem to appear out of nowhere.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Giving it one more try

I kind of have up on weight loss because it was too hard, it took over my life! All I was thinking about was weight loss, I was stressed and depressed all the time and gained weight. But during my time off I was happy, not healthy but happy; until I started having back and knee pains. I checked my BMI and I'm .3 percent away from obesity, I'm only 5'2 and weight 160. I realizes that if I don't do anything to save my Heath I will one of people in the hospital suffering from cardiovascular diseases or diabete ( which runs in my family). I want to be happy but also hazel thy, so I'm going to give my all to lose the amount of weight I need to be healthy.